Zero Compression for ODF Documents

If you're a user of a version control system (VCS) such as Subversion, you may know about delta compression which allows the repository to efficiently store a new version by just storing the deltas compared to the previous version. But if you are storing ODF (e.g. OpenOffice) documents in version control, you may have heard that you're missing out on the benefits of delta compression because ODF documents are compressed. A minor change in a document can cause large-scale changes in the document, so the VCS can't work its delta compression magic.


Graphical Diff for ODF documents using

At work we use Subversion for just about all our software project data: source code, design documents, reports. Design documents are usually in MS Word, Excel and Visio. TortoiseSVN is great at using MS Word's "track changes" feature to do a graphical diff of two versions of a document.


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