Heaven and Hell—Christian Doctrine Reexamined


Heaven and hell—a staple doctrine of Christianity. And yet, surely this doctrine turns people away from believing in a loving God. Is it right? Is it true to what the Bible says? A small number of Christians believe the Bible actually reveals a very different story—one that is much more exciting and encouraging—one that reveals a truly loving God.

The Perfect Subway Sandwich - an allegory for microevolution


A Subway store manager wanted to invent a great new sub sandwich recipe – one that would make customers sing for joy and become regular patrons.

After considerable thought, he concocted an ingenious invention – a system for discovering a great recipe. Here’s how he did it.

Things That Fly


Flying has always fascinated me. Humans have only managed free flight for a few hundred years. For “heavier than air” flight (i.e. not a hot-air balloon) we’ve only done it for a little over a century. It took hard work for humans to make it happen. But birds, mammals, insects and even the occasional fish have been flying long before humans ever ever achieved it.

God's Engineering


I have worked for several years as an engineer, making gadgets of various sorts. For years I’ve sat in front of my computer, studied diagrams, scribbled notes, attended meetings, and worked with a team of sometimes dozens of people, to produce something that will be useful to people. The end result is usually satisfying, and we know we have worked well to design something good. Someone looking at our work probably would not appreciate everything that we did to make it work. But they would know that humans created it.

Magnify You

This is 4-part SATB harmony, "a capella". A joy to sing.

I'm not sure of the origin of this piece. My wife learned it by ear from a friend at church. Years later she sang it to me, as well as harmonies, from memory. I transcribed it with modifications.



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