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God and science

Please name these many Christian scientist who have made useful contributions and what there contribution was.

Mendel perhaps?

It boils down to Occham's razor. You don't add anything to a study that doesn't add any value...

Logically speaking, why ever should belief in an intelligent, powerful Creator be the death of science? We believe that many things in the world around us were “intelligently designed” (cars and cameras for example), but that doesn’t somehow bar us from scientific or engineering pursuits.

Historically, people have been wrong, even due to religion. Yes, that frustrates me too. Does human error mean God does not exist? Does human error make science fundamentally incompatible with Christianity? I don’t think so.

If there is a God who is the Creator, that does make a pursuit of a naturalistic explanation of origins difficult. Does such inconvenience mean God cannot exist? That’s bad logic.

It sounds as though atheists are rejecting God for philosophical reasons that are invalid.

People used to think lightening strikes were a result of God's anger. Ben Franklin developed the lightening rod and essentially eliminated that argument... Disease was thought to be caused by Satan or original sin or sin we just did in the Christian frame. Turns out it is micro-organism.

That’s quite likely to be a revisionist history and a vast oversimplification of history. Do you really think religious people of times gone by didn’t notice that thunderstorms followed natural cycles and conditions? E.g. that they happen characteristically during the warm seasons, and that they happen more in certain areas?

Don’t confuse mechanism with originator. Just because we’ve found a mechanism for disease, earthquakes and hurricanes, doesn’t mean there is no God (and no Satan) who originated and can control such mechanisms. If God manipulated these mechanisms rarely, it could be difficult for us to detect. We can’t discount God just because that possibility is scientifically difficult to determine. At the same time we’re free to keep making useful scientific studies of the mechanisms of nature.

If we kept God in the study that would not have been discovered.

Whatever. :)

Christianity has a long history of persecuting scientist, even today they fight stem-cell research. They need to stay out of it if we sincerely want progress.

Well that’s quite a discussion topic there.

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