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“Evolution theory is in fact NOT tested and NOT testable”.

Just because one cannot go back in time and observe evolution as it happened does not mean that the theory is not testable. The theory is tested and supported with the many predictable results science observes in research and in observations of the natural world. Your stance is based on a need to deny the theory of evolution because it contradicts your religious beliefs. Better to observe reality and reassess your religious beliefs. Evolution is actively happening now and is readily observable even within our short life spans. Read a book on microbiology.

“It is constructed entirely on imaginative scenarios, hypotheses such as the apparent ordering of the fossils -- how do you test that ordering? You can't.”

Yes you can. Every time you observe a new fossil site.

“creationists say it shows the massive Flood of Noah that killed every living thing that populated the early creation and deposited it all in stratified sediments to a huge depth”

Many creationists would be embarrassed to even suggest such a ridiculous theory. It unquestionably fails to account for, and is contradicted by the observed patterns of fossil evidence. Only someone blinded by faith would suggest such an unintelligent view.

“they depend so much on that apparent ordering the fact that the fossils are embedded in stratified rock that can't possibly have been laid down either gradually or in periodic events is simply subsumed to their theory and not recognized for the total contradiction it really is to their time scale. The whole edifice of evolution is put together like that, one imaginative construct built upon another, BECAUSE it is NOT testable.”

Evolutionists do not depend on fossils at all. They are just one field of compelling evidence. Your assertions about it are quite false. Genetics, embryology, biochemistry, geology, physics, archeology, history, etc all tell the same story. I guess you can deny the evidence (and be viewed an ignorant fool) or you can believe god created the universe and all life on earth and arranged it such that in every detail (to the microscopic) it is exactly as it would be if it had evolved over billions of years. Now that is some fancy work ...... but why?

“Really, the only objective tool they have at all is radiometric dating”

This is one valuable collection of tools but it is not the only tool.

“But the readings are also questioned by people who know more about how it works than I'll ever know anyway.”

Firstly, it is not difficult to believe that people who know more about it than you may question it, as you appear to have received your science education from your church. Secondly, maybe you would cite some evidence as to who is seriously questioning the veracity of radiometric dating techniques (someone with qualifications in the relevant field please).

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