“Joyful Rest” Piano Solo

This piano solo I wrote in 2011, for the holy day festival called “Feast of Tabernacles”, which symbolises Jesus Christ’s future kingdom on earth.

Here is an audio recording. This was recorded on a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430. The audio recording isn't perfect but hopefully will give you a good sense of the piece. When I have a chance I will try to update the audio recording with something a little better.

Here is the sheet music:

You are free to copy and perform this item without limitation.



Joyful Rest

Hi Craig, Your Piece, Joyful Rest is beautiful. I am a band director and freelance trumpeter from Louisville Kentucky. I stumbled on your site looking for various versions of Be Thou My Vision, which I might add, is also done very well. You described it well, simple with some interesting harmony changes. The harmony in the orginal hymnal is lacking the contempory harmonies which I feel do so much more for the melody.

I am arranging it as a choral to play for my middle school band and needed some inspiration and that's exactly what your piano arrangement did for me.

Thank you and To God's Glory

David A. Welch

To God's glory

Thank you for your message. It is a pleasure to share a few little contributions, hopefully to the benefit of others. I hope indeed that our endeavours may be to God's glory. God's creation of music, and the ability He gives us to perform it and appreciate it, is in itself to His glory.

Who is this "we" that you

Who is this "we" that you speak of, that celebrates the Day of Atonement, the Night to Be Much Observed, and the Feast of Tabernacles?

I observe those same days, since the 1960's.

Am in a small choir doing "When the Kingdom Comes" and thank you for the MP3 accompaniment! I like it!

Curious what machinery you use for voices and sequencing. I do some of that sort of thing myself. I use a Yamaha QY10.

Jon Curtis - New York (state not city!), USA

Who is this "we" that you

Hello. In my early years my parents taught me these things when my family were members of Worldwide Church of God. Since those days, we now assemble on the weekly Sabbath and Holy Days with United Church of God. We believe that we are indeed "saved by grace through faith", while that faith in Christ also means "repenting" and continuing to recognise the laws of God as light to our path. Very happy to hear you observe these days for such a long time!

I'm a Linux fan, and I've used Rosegarden MIDI sequencer running on Ubuntu Studio to put together the music for "When the Kingdom Comes". I have a fairly cheap Technics MIDI keyboard, so my equipment is not very high quality, but it gets me a certain way. It's been a while since I've put my hand to it though, since I'm busy with 3 young children at this stage in life. One day I hope to get back to it. In the meantime, I've just been recording piano on my Yamaha electric piano, which has a USB memory stick input, which is very simple to use.

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