“When the Kingdom Comes” Orchestral Accompaniment


Here is some orchestral-style accompaniment for a 4-part choir piece called “When the Kingdom Comes” (music by Susan Naylor Callaway; words by John A. Ray; published by Lorenz Publishing Company).

I think this piece sounds better with orchestral style accompaniment, rather than just piano. I could not find how to order an accompaniment CD, even though I had some indication that such a thing was available from the publishers in the past. So I ended up recording my own for a choir. So here is the recorded accompaniment I prepared. Please feel free to use this for your own choir’s performance.

  • Orchestral Accompaniment

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Beautiful music for The Eternal

Hi, Craig, I'm happy I have found your web page, so We are enjoying the consummate executions that you perform for The Eternal, at church.

Virgilio and Rosalina

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