“Be Thou My Vision” Piano Arrangement

This is a fairly simple piano arrangement of the hymn “Be Thou My Vision”, with some “interesting” chords. I really like this hymn, and I wanted to try arranging it with some different chords. I quite like the 7th and 9th chords used here.

Here is the basic arrangement of a verse. It is intended to be suitable for a congregation to sing with, so it doesn’t do anything unusual with the rhythm.

From this basic arrangement, for a piano solo it is possible to do a little improvisation. Here is a quick sample as an MP3.

As far as I can tell, the original melody is quite old, and not copyrighted. As for this arrangement, you are free to copy and perform this item without limitation.

Other arrangements

Here are a few other piano arrangements I've come across that sound good:



Be Thou My Vision

Hello Craig,

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful arrangement.
Happy Holidays!